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No more quarantine for vaccinated people

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Arriving in uk

Traveling to Great Britain will be easier: From today, there is no quarantine obligation for corona vaccinated people from the EU and the USA – with the exception of France. However, a test is required no later than the second day after entry.

Fully vaccinated travelers and minors from Germany, almost all EU countries and the USA no longer have to be in corona quarantine after their arrival in Great Britain. From today onwards, a corona test is required no later than the second day after entry. According to the British government, travelers from France are not subject to the new regulation because of the spread of the beta variant of the corona virus there.

According to the authorities, the exemption from the quarantine obligation applies to everyone who has been fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or the US FDA.

So far, only people who had received the vaccine in the UK were exempt from the quarantine rules.

Traffic light system is to be changed

However, according to information from various media, the government plans to change the traffic light system with which the travel rules for countries are displayed. Accordingly, there are considerations to create an additional category that shows which countries are at risk of slipping onto the “red list” because of the corona situation there. That would mean that travelers would have to pay up to 1750 pounds (2050 euros) per person after their return to hotel quarantine. Popular travel destinations such as Spain, Italy and Greece are also candidates for this category.

“The yellow category is already a red rag for travelers,” said the head of the UK Airlines Association, Tim Alderslade, to Times Radio. This is completely sufficient as an “unmistakable warning sign”.

Bookings for flights to the USA have risen by 300 percent since the announcement, despite the restrictions there, said the Alderslade. At the same time he called on the government to put more countries on the “green list”. Anyone entering the UK from there does not have to be quarantined, even if they are not vaccinated.

Opposition: travel and border chaos

There is opposition to the plans in the government and in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party. Finance Minister Rishi Sunak is said to have urged the head of government in a formal letter not to implement the new category. Such a move would hit the UK economy and leave the country behind in the competition for tourists. The opposition accuses the government of causing travel and border chaos.…


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The decision to travel the world has been made and planning begins. But how far in advance should you start planning and when should you tackle which planning step?

On our overview page of world travel planning you will already find the most important planning points for your own world trip. Here we want to give you a rough overview of when and how far in advance you should tackle which planning point of the preparation so that nothing stands in the way of your world trip.

Of course, planning a trip around the world is also possible in less time, but we think that a year in advance is a very good basis for planning and preparing everything in a relaxed manner in addition to your job or study. At each planning point you will also find our corresponding article for more details.


You noticed that you are drawn to the world and the decision to travel the world has been made. Now it is time to start the first planning steps:


Of course, at the beginning you want to know what you are getting yourself into, what such a trip around the world costs and what amount you have to reckon with for your break. And on the point of “saving” we are certainly in agreement: You can’t start early enough!

  • Calculate costs for the world trip and save!
  • Save again and feed the world travel fund!


If you are planning a trip around the world after your studies or school, the point is quickly ticked off. If you are in an employment relationship, you should think at the beginning of the planning whether you want to quit your job for the world trip or maybe negotiate a sabbatical. In the event of termination, you should of course observe your notice period and, in the event of a sabbatical, follow up early enough.


Go through: Which contracts can you cancel? What are the notice periods? Do you still have the gym subscription? Magazine subscriptions? What do you do with the internet connection? Take your time through and make a list of all of these things and by when you should quit.


Half a year until your world tour begins. It’s not the “hot phase” yet, but at the latest now you should start to take care of the first major organizational issues of the world trip or at least initiate them.


There are various options for your apartment during the world tour. You can sublet, terminate or even sell them. Here, of course, you have to keep an eye on the notice period, clarify with the landlord whether subletting is permitted during the world tour and whether any renovation work is pending or furniture has to be sold / stored before it starts.


If you don’t have a car, jump straight to the next point. Otherwise, you should clarify whether you want to sell your car before the trip around the world and let your travel budget grow, leave it to a friend or family or simply cancel it and store it somewhere.


We already mentioned the point above. But by now you should really take a look at your contracts and shut down everything as early as possible that you will not use or need during the world trip.


Of course, this is always a personal decision as to whether to resort to vaccination or not. If you want to be vaccinated for your trip around the world, you should make an appointment with the tropical doctor almost 6 months in advance, as some vaccinations have a certain lead time or multiple injections are necessary.


To make the whole world trip really official, you can slowly start to wonder where to go first! The world is yours! And then it’s best to start looking for the first flight! Or of course the first train or bus ticket. Depending on how you want to start. Maybe you’re starting from home too.


So that there is no stress afterwards or you forget it completely, take care of a valid passport for your planned travel duration with enough free pages in good time. Without a valid passport, all the planning here is in vain in the end.

Apply for passport


For many countries you do not need a visa for entry with a German passport or you can apply for one while traveling around the world. In a few countries, such as China, you should take care of it in advance and allow enough processing time.


It is slowly becoming worthwhile to count the days until the trip around the world! Whohoo! Three months until your adventure of life and the perfect time to check or plan the following things again:


If you want to quit your job for the world tour, now may be time to print out the resignation and make it official:

  • Hand in the notice of termination at work

In the event that you do not have a credit card for your trip, it can be advantageous to apply for one while you are at a job. Your application will be accepted sooner and you may receive a higher credit limit on the card.

  • The best free credit cards for a trip around the world


Once the notice of termination is out, you have to report to the employment office as soon as possible so as not to lose your entitlement to unemployment benefit. A simple and clear summary of the somewhat complicated topic here:

  • All information about the correct deregistration at the employment office before the trip around the world


Even if you don’t plan to travel by car, camper or moped, you should take care of an international version of your driving license. This way you keep all options open and it only costs a few euros and doesn’t take long!

  • Apply for an international driver’s license


WORLD TOUR SCHEDULEYou can’t get past a credit card on a trip around the world. It’s the best way to get cash anywhere in the world, you can pay larger amounts by card, book flights, rent a car and more. You should take care of it now, as the processing can often take up to four weeks and you may have to contact another provider if you are rejected. You can find the best credit cards for a trip around the world here:

  • The best free credit cards for a trip around the world


If you already know where to start, just look around for accommodation. For example, we love spontaneity and never book anything in advance – except for the first accommodation. Because after a long journey you just want to arrive and enjoy being there without thinking about where you will be staying.


Probably one of the funnest points in the whole preparation for the world trip! You can of course only pack your rucksack the evening before departure. We did too. However, you can calmly think about what you need, do a little research and maybe even get presents for birthday / Christmas, etc .. Or maybe you still have enough time to get one or the other bargain. Here you can find our world tour packing list:

  • Our complete world tour packing list!


WHAT ?! Another 30 days, then it starts! Believe us, you will wonder how fast time was racing! The biggest planning steps for the world trip should already be clarified and now the last little things are still to be dealt with:


Ok, now it’s no small matter, but done quickly! The international health insurance is only a few clicks away, because you can conclude it very conveniently online and you will receive your documents a little later. It is only important that you are still in Germany


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Traveling Advice


We wrote this article before our trip around the world. Actually, we always update all of our articles on world travel planning . But we leave this one exactly as we wrote it – with a few comments afterwards. So have fun reading in our heads before the trip around the world:

In our first travelogue we wrote about Vietnam and the famous culture shock that everyone is talking about only that it wasn’t waiting for us there, but back in Germany – that’s the sentence with which the travelogue ends. And it basically goes on like this:

So after 3 weeks in Vietnam last year we were at Düsseldorf Airport, got on the bus and drove home. Our own four walls welcomed us, our own bed, our own bathroom, at home. Knowing: In a few days work and university will resume.

We put our backpacks in the apartment. And somehow the air seemed tense. We were very quiet (which we are seldom) sat down, looked around, as if we were thinking at the same time: “Hm. So here we are. Return. At home. ”Emotionless.

No thought of “Well, wash your clothes first! Have a shower! And we have to shop for the week! What do we have in the fridge? ”
We just sat on the chairs at the table. At the bottom of the jeans there was still sand from the Vietnamese island. Like refusing to understand that we’re back. Friends would often say “Yes, it’s always like that after the vacation!” That was different. Completely different. And much more intensely.

Now we know: what was in the air was simply the beginning of understanding what we really want.
We have started to uncover our deep desire, buried under everyday life, and to take it seriously: We want to travel the world. Thank god we got that!


People are different.
A short sentence.
That says everything.

It is important to make this clear to yourself again so as not to let the thought get to you in the first place: “You are crazy. Better find a job, then you’ll have peace of mind, a smooth résumé and live a more relaxed life! ”Such sentences are unnecessarily discouraging. Just because the majority thinks that way doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone.

There are people who have the “Finally! At home! ”- feeling. Be happy that life is back to normal. And that’s exactly why you’re so satisfied. Just like there are people who would not give anything to come home after work in the evening, to have a secure income and thus to enjoy their evening carefree.

And then there are those who would give away exactly that – for a trip around the world. Because they are plagued by wanderlust every day and get goose bumps at the idea of ​​camping by the lake with the mountains in the background and cooking their canned food over a fireplace in Iceland! We belong to that.

Oh yeah, and then there are guys like baseball player Daniel Norris . Who earns millions and still prefers to live in his VW bus. Great guy!

Do you have a guess that you’re the kind of guy we are?
Regardless of whether you are currently studying or already in the middle of your job.
Do you long for the world and traveling?
That you are afraid to regret never daring?


“Is that really supposed to be the only point of work? So that at some point I will get a pension, then have the free time, but may no longer be able to fulfill my true dreams? ”

“Work is there to finance my life but I use it to finance something in which I have to put my plans and dreams behind because of work – that’s a vicious circle.

“It pulls me out. I want to see how other people live, I want to get to know cultures and not experience them from documentaries – I want to see the world. With your own eyes. ”

Thoughts of someone who is stuck in the office job and someone who is just doing his master’s degree at university. Every day. And we started to question more and more. If you also have such mind games, be sure: They pile up, become more and more present and louder.


It’s a process. After all, you don’t just throw away everything you’ve built up so far. But that’s no reason to ignore what’s slumbering inside you. Because plans, goals and dreams change, just like us humans. And yes, that’s okay! Just because when we were 15 or 20 times we decided to have XY as our career choice, it doesn’t mean that this will change and that you can tackle new dreams.

And here it is important to first become aware of this: that you might really want to turn the dream into a plan. We have now decided to do this! And once you get there, the buts are waiting for you, rubbing their hands and grinning.


We’ll lovingly call them the bosses. You just have to face them, otherwise this whole thing with fulfilling your lifelong dream would be a little too easy. If you had to localize them, we would say: They seem to stand at the limit of the system in which we live and wait there for you as soon as you try to break out of your mind. After all, it’s the system we learned from an early age. That this is how you live your life.

Here are the buts that awaited us:

I want to travel! but the money!

Doing an office job for work will never make me happy.
but that’s just the way work is. It’s just not fun for everyone. I shouldn’t pretend to be like that.

I would like to start right after graduation! or: I would like to quit and do what makes me really happy!
but that is too risky and unsafe. Salary, a secure job.

Security is not as important to me as being able to do what I really want and what really fulfills me!
but that is perhaps too naive. Security and regular income in life are important. I shouldn’t underestimate that!

Yes. How do you approach it now?


Jaaaaa … of course, the sentence always works. You almost miss it because it’s so worn out. This is a mistake. Because let’s be honest: Almost all grandparents in the world agree on the point: “Do something with your young years before it’s too late! Otherwise you will only regret … ”

So – WHY the hell do we listen to these people so little? We buy and give away postcards, coolly designed, of course, with such wisdom for their birthday, it feels like every second person has something as a cover photo on Facebook and maybe also as a status on WhatsApp. But that’s where it stays. “Nice sentence, that’s right somewhere. I like! ”And that’s it.

Not so long ago an article was circulating on the internet about a book: by Bronnie Ware, a palliative care worker who accompanied people to death on their deathbed, wrote about the 5 things the dying regret most * .

We pick two important quotes that she described:

“’I wish I hadn’t worked so much’ – Almost everyone worked too much and lived too little – because they were afraid of not making enough money or because of their careers.”
“We are free to choose. (…) Many patients only realize this at the end. They are stuck in old patterns and habits and the comfort of habit. ”

Here is a question that you can ask yourself again and again when you have doubts: “Would I regret it in old age if I didn’t dare to do it now?” Our answer is without hesitation: “And how!” It helped us a lot .

And the more often you answer this question to yourself, the clearer it becomes to you what you want and what you should do for it. Nevertheless, one would like to confront the doubts more specifically. We did.…

Discover Havana: Tips & highlights for 3 days

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Discover Havana Tips and highlights for 3 days

If you travel to Cuba, you cannot avoid the capital Havana. I also started my 3-week round trip through Cuba in “La Habana” . I recommend you plan at least two, preferably three days for Havana. I was in Havana for three days.

Havana is the largest city in the Caribbean with a population of 2.1 million. Every fifth Cuban lives here and Havana is also five times bigger than the second largest city in the country: Santiago de Cuba .

In Havana I explored the old town Habana Viejo , which is under UNESCO World Heritage protection. I visited the Havana Rum Museum , Hemingway’s favorite bars high up in the air , strolled along the Malécon promenade to name just a few places.

Havana is like an exciting book. You start to run and you don’t want to stop getting lost in this city. There is no shortage of sights in this city and I could stay here forever.

History buffs as well as classic car fans get their money’s worth in the third largest Caribbean metropolis. There is something interesting to discover on every corner.

At the end of the article you will find tips on what you can do in Havana in 3 days, a note about our accommodation and other impressions from Havana.

In 2021 the best credit cards are the VISA card from DKB Bank (as an active customer) and the GenialCard from Hanseatic Bank . With these cards you can withdraw money from ATMs for free and pay on site without paying foreign fees abroad in foreign currencies!

My tip for a sustainable account is Tomorrow Bank . I like to use this credit card in Germany and Europe (Apple Pay also works with it).

Havana – city of contrasts

This grandiose architecture at first sight and the decay of the buildings behind the showcase façades make me sad. Just like the stark difference between our life as tourists and that of the Cubans. Despite poverty, nowhere else (except in Africa) have I met such a proud and cheerful people.

Nowhere else do so many shops open to tourists with tourist currency (peso convertible) and lock out locals with national currency. A negative phenomenon that many tourists turn a blind eye to or not even notice.

We have the privilege of enjoying our mojitos in fancy bars while locals line up next door with food stamps for rationed goods.

Street names and signs

In Habana Vieja and Centro Habana there are often alleys that either have no street signs or two: one old and one new. Sometimes only the new street names are written on, but Habaneros still use the old ones.

So if you ever need to ask for directions, find out what name is given to you. But you can get along quite well with a city map.

havannaHighlights and sights in Havana

Habana Vieja – the old town of Havana

Habana Vieja (Spanish for Old Havana) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many buildings have been falling into disrepair since the Cuban Revolution. Some have been reconstructed and restored. Many have now been evacuated due to the risk of collapse.

You should do that

Discover the old town on your own. Walk through the alleys and discover hidden places and corners. Even at night you can move around the old town without having to be afraid. Don’t always believe travel guides. The old town is really safe.

This picture is not exactly picturesque. I still love it and I can proudly say that it was featured as a double page in the 2nd German issue of Lonely Traveler magazine:

The picture shows the mixture of beauty and decay very well.

Calle Obispo

One of the most beautiful and popular streets in the old town is Calle Obispo, once Havana’s first paved main street. You can find interesting shops, cafes and bars here. In addition, the Hotel Ambos Mundos , Hemingway’s favorite hotel , the Hotel Floridita with its impressive lobby or the Bank Nacional de Cuba .

Since the street has been extensively restored, you can best imagine how radiantly beautiful Havana must have been. Leave Calle Obispo and turn into a small side street. Here you can see the actual Havana: ruins of houses, decaying and partly threatened buildings, which must once have been as magnificent as the restored buildings.

Definitely avoid: Have a drink at El Floridita. Completely overpriced.

What you should do: You shouldn’t miss a visit to one of the two old pharmacies “Taqueche” and “Johnson” . Here you feel like you have been transported back years.

Malecón – promenade

Everyone walks past the 7 km long promenade at least once during their stay in Cuba. I was out here every three days. The former boulevard extends from the old town to the Rio Almendares and connects the districts of Habana Vieja, Centro Habana, Vedado and ends in Miramar.

The most beautiful part is to the east at the Castillo de la Punta. Couples in love and “Habaneros” meet here to chat when meter-high waves don’t crash against the wall.

Views: Havana from above

I love views of cities from above. In Havana I had the opportunity to enjoy several:

View from “El Torre” on the 33rd floor over the whole city

Plaza de la Revolución

Pictures from HavanaThe Plaza de la Revolucioón is located between Avenida Carlos M. Céspedes and Avenida Rancho Boyeros (Vedado). Major events such as free concerts in Cuba are held in this huge square. From a distance you can see the 139 m high obelisk in honor of José Martí, Cuba’s national hero.

Around the square are the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Economics, the National Library and the Telecommunications Office. Until we visit, we are more familiar with the buildings (and the faces on them) than their function:

Revolution Museum Museo de la Revolución

The former presidential palace from the Batista by Fidel Castro and Co. is now only a museum. The bullet holes in the marble on the stairs inside the museum are testimony to the fight.

The museum is super interesting and shows the history of the Cuban revolutionaries – unfortunately often only in Spanish. The yacht “Granma” is also exhibited here. With this luxury yacht, Che and Fidel came from exile in Mexico to take up the fight.

The large dome of the building and the hall of mirrors, which are modeled on the one in the Palace of Versailles, are also impressive. Where receptions once took place, today you can only find an oversized Cuban flag.

Visit a grocery store in Havana

Cubans still shop with grocery stamps. Only people who have the convertible peso (CUC – tourist currency) are allowed to go shopping in “real” supermarkets. It is written on boards who can get how much per product.

Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas means weapons place. Nowadays you can only find books here. Old books on revolutionary literature and postcards. But you should also keep an eye on the buildings around the restored square. The Palacio de los Capitanes Generales (City Museum) and the Palacio del Segundo Cabo (National Book Institute) are particularly magnificent.

Capitol – landmark of Havana and next to it the Gran Teatro

It is not only reminiscent of the building of the same name in Washington, it should also look like it. The Capitolio was once the real seat of the House of Representatives. Today you will find the National Library, an internet café and the Academy of Sciences in it. Unfortunately, the interior was closed for us due to construction work.

The Gran Teatro is right next to it.

Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña and Castillo de los Tres Santos Reyes Mognos del Morro

Plaza HavannaJust because of the great view of Habana Vieja and the Malecón is worth a visit. For a small surcharge to the minder, you can take a seat in Che Guevara’s former chair behind the barrier. We refused.

University of Havana

It’s a little uphill to the Universidad de La Habana. From the Malecon on Calle 23 (also called La Rampa), turn left at the famous ice cream parlor Coppelia towards Uni. The university is located in the Vedado district.

Personalities like José Martí or Fidel Castro studied here. You can rest for a few minutes in the courtyard.